A lot of people adopt the approach of applying for a bank loan when they face problems on the financial front. The main reason behind this trend is because of the fact that dealing with a bank gives them a sense of security about the entire transaction. However, it is not a cakewalk from here on because you have to consider the rate of interest charged by the bank and you also have to adhere to a strict time frame when it comes to returning the money. Moreover, you might not even get the loan if you have a poor credit rating, so it is best to consider alternate options before you venture further.

Cash for your gold

Although the price of gold fluctuated in the 90s and had briefly gone down for sometime, it has more or less maintained its exponential increase since the year 1998. Gold is one of your most valuable assets due to this reason and if we study the trend, it is unlikely that the prices will ever fall to a record low. Even if it does, it will not take much time for one of the most valuable metals in the world to pick up again, so it is your safest bet when you urgently need money. We have a “Cash for your Gold” program that is easy to understand and provides you with quick and easy money that can take care of all money-related issues.

Appraisal of your items

The first step of our “Cash for your Gold” scheme is to get the jewelry appraised. We have certified gemologists on board who can do that for you. Please keep in mind that the present value of gold depends on factors like central banks, financial stress, the demands in the jewelry industry, emergency selling, and so on. After our experts have performed a proper inspection of the items you have brought to us, a detailed report will be given to you outlining the methods and equipment that have been used. We believe on complete transparency in such cases.

Pawn the gold or sell it

You can choose to pawn or sell the gold – the choice is yours! Once we appraise the items for its purity and carats and you have had the opportunity to study the reports, we will present a no-obligations quote, which you are free to accept or reject. Irrespective of the condition of items – be it broken or old, we offer the best price depending upon the type of gold and its current spot price. If you wish to pawn the items, we can work out a convenient time frame, within which you can return the money and collect your belongings. We believe in making adjustments when necessary, which is why the time period offered by us is quite reasonable. Rest assured your items are completely safe with us.
Please feel free to contact us if you wish to know more about our “Cash for your Gold” program, or simply come to any of our offices and take to a representative.