Failed to secure a loan because of a bad credit score? Need money urgently? These issues are being faced by many whenever they have tried to apply for a bank loan. Not only is the process lengthy, but a bad credit score can diminish your chances of securing a loan when you require funds right away.

Collateral loans – what are they?

Collateral loans provide the best possible solution in this case. Contrary to common misconception, this is a very safe and secure alternative to a bank loan and can be immensely helpful when you need instant cash. So how does it work? Bring us the items of value owned by you such as jewelry, antiques, family heirlooms etc. so that we can appraise them and assign a value to each. Rest assured a thorough inspection is performed by our experts so that we can provide you with the best possible price. Next, a report is generated outlining our methods after which a no-obligations estimate is quoted. As is evident, it is not compulsory for you to accept the offer, but we always welcome reasonable negotiations.
Woodland Hills Jewelry and Pawn offers loans with fixed maximum and minimum terms of 4 months. The full repayment of the loan should be made in the maximum repayment period of 4 months, but can be made in full in as little as 1 day if the customer wishes to pay it off sooner. APR Interest Rates vary from 2% to 35.99%. Rates vary based on value of collateral as well as length of loan. All rates and terms of loans are strictly regulated by the State of California. Example: Amount Financed $2500. APR 24.12 percent. Length of loan 4 months. Total Interest charge $201.00 Total Interest and Principle is $2,701.

Collateral loans – why are they a suitable alternative?

  • Taking a loan shouldn’t have any impact on your lifestyle. If you opt for a bank loan, you will need to work very hard to pay off the entire amount including a certain rate of interest, which increases the sum significantly. Enjoy the lifestyle you previously used to with your loved ones. We also make adjustments when it comes to the time frame needed to return the money.
  • Poor credit scores doesn’t mean you can’t get funds. We understand your situation and that is why we offer the best possible value against collateral that you bring to us. These loans don’t hinge on complex terms and conditions so people with a low credit rating can apply and make use of this opportunity.
  • Instant cash is what we promise and deliver. You don’t have to go through a long and complicated process that requires filling out multiple forms or having to meet varied criteria. All we need is a valid state issued ID and the process can begin. We don’t auction away your collateral if you fail to return the money to us within the specified time period. We have also ensured that our payback period is longer than in the case of a traditional bank loan.

What we offer you

A satisfied customer makes our day and that is why our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with you. We want to emphasize that you can trust and count on us during your difficult times, to help you out. When you apply for collateral loans with us, we provide a personal guarantee that each and every item will be kept safe till they are returned and will be in top condition. Feel free to get in touch with us for further information by giving us a call or coming for a visit in any of our offices.