There is still confusion when it comes to an items layaway program because many are not clear about the concept. It is a technique that allows shoppers to purchase merchandise in installments by putting the items on reserve and making payments till the amount is cleared off. This method was invented during the Great Depression when money for making full purchases during shopping was low on availability.

What you need to know

The biggest point in its favor is that a layaway program allows shoppers to purchase something that they have had on their wish list for a while, even if they can’t pay up the full amount right away. A small deposit is enough to put the items on layaway for a certain period of time. Nowadays this method is extensively used during the peak holiday shopping season, providing an opportunity for many to ensure that most popular holiday gifts will be ready and waiting for them!

Items layaway – why you should opt for it

The program is simple and easy to understand – here are a few points to keep in mind:
  • You don’t have to compromise on your favorite items, which might sell out fast during the holiday season. Lack of money shouldn’t stop you from buying the latest iPhone, on which you have had your eye for quite some time! All you need to do is put the item on layaway and make regular payments till the total sum is paid off.
  • No longer do you have to shop in noisy and over-crowded stores with customers pushing past each other! The items layaway program allows you to shop for items online in peace.
  • A nominal service fee or deposit is charged when an item is put on layaway, but it is not to be confused with interest as it would be in the case of a credit card. Shoppers, who use credit cards, can save some extra cash on the side because there is zero interest in this case. It is already known that the interest charged when you purchase using a credit card can increase the overall amount of any item significantly.
  • Our requirements are simple – bring us a state issued valid ID that states you are 18 years old or above, so that we can start the process right away. There is absolutely no need for your credit score in a layaway program, so a poor rating will not hamper your chances in any way.
  • Your convenience is our topmost priority. This program is one of the safest alternatives when it comes to credit cards. You get to pay for your purchases over a certain period of time, which we can work out as per your suitability. We can easily negotiate a time frame that is convenient so that you don’t need to scrape or struggle to pay off the amount.
We want to secure your trust so that you come to us whenever you wish to purchase an item, which paves the way for a long-term association. Call us or drop off an email with your queries about our items layaway program – a representative will get in tough with you soon!