Do you need money urgently to clear off debts, but have no idea how to generate those funds? The problem during an emergency is that we can’t think rationally and make a proper decision. We usually tend to panic, which leads to chaos and wrong decisions for which we repent later. In the past whenever someone has been plagued with money-related issues, they have preferred to go to a bank and apply for a loan. But is it a good idea to use borrowed money to clear off previous debts? You will face a huge problem when you have to clear off the loan amount, because there will be an interest that is added to the sum each month. You will also have to stick to a stringent time frame.

Jewelry Appraisal

The economy has stabilized, which is perhaps the reason why prices of precious metals have hit an al-time high. Many are choosing to pawn or sell jewelry in order to get quick and easy cash. Here are a few things you should know about the process:
  • Understand the system – It is important that you know how the process works. Regardless of the condition of jewelry, we will still pay you for that. We operate by appraising your jewelry, offering a quote, and then providing you with instant cash. We decide the price based on factors like the weight of the gold, the present market price, and so on. The design also has a major role to play because if there are precious or semi-precious gems included in it, the value increases. If you decide to pawn the jewelry, we work out a suitable time frame, within which you can clear off the payments and collect your belongings.
  • Details about the process – We want to familiarize you with each and every aspect of the process. Our experts perform a thorough scrutiny of the items and prepare a report that includes a description of the items along with photographs, the tools and methods used, and the value of each and every item.
  • Market fluctuation – Although the prices of precious metals are rising with each passing day, they change on a daily basis depending on factors such as market demand, manufacturing supply and the financial markets. As mentioned above, we decide our pricing according to the value of the metal on the day that the piece is appraised and is based on the market value in the industry at that time.
  • On-spot offer – We will provide you with ample time to study the reports. After that we will make an offer, which is a no-obligations estimate, meaning you are free to accept the offer or reject it, if it doesn’t meet your expectations. We welcome reasonable negotiations in such cases.
  • Personal guarantee – If you pawn the items with us after the jewelry appraisal is done, rest assured that it is in good hands and we will keep it safe till you are ready to take it back after returning the amount owed to us.
To know more about our jewelry appraisal program, please feel free to get in touch with us – we are waiting to hear from you!